This filter allows you to modify the $args array which is used to query the terms shown in the taxonomy field. The available arguments can be found in the get_terms() documentation.


  • Added in v5.0.0


Name Type Description
$args array An array of arguments passed to the get_terms() function
$field array An array containing all the field settings
$post_id mixed The ID for the current post being edited


There are 3 ways to hook into acf/fields/taxonomy/query filter.

  1. acf/fields/taxonomy/query – filter for every field
  2. acf/fields/taxonomy/query/name={$field_name} – filter for a specific field based on it’s name
  3. acf/fields/taxonomy/query/key={$field_key} – filter for a specific field based on it’s key



function my_taxonomy_query( $args, $field, $post_id ) {
    // modify args
    $args['orderby'] = 'count';
    $args['order'] = 'ASC';
    // return
    return $args;

add_filter('acf/fields/taxonomy/query', 'my_taxonomy_query', 10, 3);



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