Filters the query $args used by WP_Term_Query to display terms in the Taxonomy field when displayed as a Radio or Checkbox list.


  • Added in version 4.0.0


apply_filters( 'acf/fields/taxonomy/wp_list_categories', $args, $field );
  • $args (array) The query args. See wp_list_categories() for available args.
  • $field (array) The field array containing all settings.


This filter provides modifiers to target specific fields. The following filter names are available:

  • acf/fields/taxonomy/wp_list_categories Applies to all fields.
  • acf/fields/taxonomy/wp_list_categories/name={$name} Applies to all fields of a specific name.
  • acf/fields/taxonomy/wp_list_categories/key={$key} Applies to all fields of a specific key.


This example demonstrates how to modify some of the Taxonomy field wp_list_categories args.


add_filter('acf/fields/taxonomy/wp_list_categories', 'my_acf_fields_taxonomy_query', 10, 2);
function my_acf_fields_taxonomy_query( $args, $field ) {

    // Order by most used.
    $args['orderby'] = 'count';
    $args['order'] = 'DESC';

    return $args;

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