11 Aug

ACF PRO 5.2.9 update

This update adds new field group settings, improves compatibility with WPML / WP 4.3 and fixes some bugs too!


  • Field group: Added new ‘status’ setting to enable/disable
  • Field group: Added new ‘description’ setting shown to developers when viewing the field group list
  • Field group: Moved ‘Show field keys’ Screen Option within existing ‘Show on Screen’ checkboxes
  • Tab field: Fixed missing min-height to left aligned tab wrapper
  • Relationship field: Added timeout to reduce AJAX requests whilst typing in search
  • Flexible Content field: Fixed minor JS bug where removing a layout would not update the order numbers
  • Core: Fixed bug validating uppercase file extensions
  • Core: Renamed menu items
  • Core: Replace sprite icons with font
  • Core: Added new setting ‘export_textdomain’ to add __() to generated export code
  • Core: Fixed conflict with Post Type Order plugin causing issues when querying posts
  • Core: Fixed conflict with WPML causing issues when querying posts
  • Core: Added compatibility for WP 4.3
  • Core: Minor fixes and improvements
  • Language: Updated German translation – thanks to Ralf Koller
  • Language: Updated Italian translation – thanks to Davide Pantè€




This version introduces a new set of vector icons to replace the previous sprite image. You will notice a slight change to the icon buttons design, and different hover colors.

The ACF menu also got a refresh. Both the icon and menu names have changed to make ACF look more natural within the WP interface.

You will also notice the new field group status and description settings have made an appearance on the field group list!


You can now toggle a field group status to either active or disabled. When disabled, ACF will not display the field group. This will be useful for developers who want to temporarily disable functionality without having to delete the group.

Field groups now have a setting for ‘description’. This description will appear in the field group list and is a great way to differentiate between groups especially when they use the same title.


  • Core: Fixed display bug where the field group list title appears out of place in WP 4.3
  • WYSIWYG field: Added compatibility for the new WP 4.3 function format_for_editor
  • Core: Fixed bug where uppercase file extensions were not validated correctly
  • Core: Added new post_status ‘acf-disabled’
  • Core: Added missing ‘acf/format_value’ filters for name and key
  • Core: Added missing ‘acf/prepare_field’ filters for name and key
  • Core: Fixed HTML CSS bugs for the ‘about’ welcome page
  • Core: Added ‘charset’ to headers when exporting JSON
  • Repeater field: Fixed bug where empty sub field value was set to false instead of null
  • Google Map field: Added extra logic to test if entered address is already a latLng
  • Core: Made changes to the acf_verify_nonce() function to prevent incorrect save_post triggers