28 Nov

ACF PRO 5.5.0 Update

This exciting new version adds support for the termmeta table, a new toggle button UI, many new settings and fixes a few bugs too!

Toggle switch

One of the most noticeable features in ACF PRO 5.5.0 is the new toggle switch UI. Many existing radio buttons used in field settings have been changed to this new modern UI making ACF PRO look better than ever! To create your own toggle switches, please read the True / False documentation.



Another major feature is the added support for WP’s termmeta table. ACF has previously saved term values in the wp_options table but will now make use of the termmeta table! Upgrading to version 5.5.0 will prompt a Database Upgrade. This upgrade will copy (not delete) existing termmeta data from the wp_options table to the wp_termmeta table.

Using this new table has allowed for a more simple way to load values from a term! Instead of using the taxonomy name, you can now simply us the string ‘term’ like so – 'term_12'. This matches the way we load values form a user or comment! Please note this is not a breaking change and you may continue to use the taxonomy name if you wish. To learn more, please read the Get values from a taxonomy term documentation.


The above new features are only 2 of the many new items improved! Checkout the full changelog below:

  • True False field: Added new ‘ui’ setting which renders as a toggle switch
  • WYSIWYG field: Added new ‘delay’ setting which delays tinymce initialization until the field is clicked
  • WYSIWYG field: Added compatibility for WP 4.7 toolbar buttons order
  • Checkbox field: Added new ‘allow_custom’ and ‘save_custom’ settings allowing you to add custom choices
  • Select field: Fixed bug where Select2 fields did not correctly use the ‘allow null’ setting
  • Clone field: Fixed bug causing save/load issues found when 2 sub fields clone in the same field/group.
  • Flexible Content field: Improved popup style and validation messages
  • Google Map field: Prevent scroll zoom
  • Date picker field: Added better compatibility logic for custom ‘date_format’ setting found in version < 5.0.0
  • API: acf_form() ‘id’ setting is now used as ‘id’ attribute in element
  • Options page: Fixed incorrect redirect URL from a sub options page
  • Field group: Added new ‘post_template’ location rule (requires WP 4.7)
  • Core: Added support for the wp_termmeta table (includes DB upgrade)
  • Core: Added new ‘select_2_version’ setting which can be changed between 3 and 4
  • Core: Added new ‘enqueue_select2’ setting which can be used to prevent the library from being enqueued
  • Core: Added new ‘enqueue_google_maps’ setting which can be used to prevent the library from being enqueued
  • Core: Minor fixes and improvements
  • Language: Updated Portuguese translation – thanks to Pedro Mendonca
  • Language: Updated Norwegian translation – thanks to Havard Grimelid
  • Language: Updated Swedish translation – thanks to Jonathan de Jong
  • Language: Updated German translation – thanks to Ralf Koller
  • Language: Updated Italian translation – thanks to Davide Pantè
  • Language: Updated Swiss German translation – thanks to Raphael Hüni