11 Sep

ACF PRO 5.6.2 Update

This version continues to improve UI and UX with the addition of a new Range field alongside many improvements and bug fixes!

ACF PRO 5.6.2 continues to improve UI and UX with the addition of a new Range field! This field is simple enough, but will make for some neat ‘settings’ such as font-size, width, etc. We hope you like this new field type and look forward to adding new settings over time (including multiple start / end values) 😁!



  • Range field: Added new field type
  • Clone field: Fixed bug causing value update issues for ‘seamless’ + widgets / nave menu items
  • Location: Added parent theme’s post templates to ‘post template’ location rule
  • Location: Fixed bug causing ‘nav menu’ location rule to fail during AJAX (add new item)
  • Core: Fixed PHP errors in customizer when editing non ACF panels
  • Core: Fixed bug casing backslash character to break fields / field groups
  • Core: Many minor bug fixes
  • Language: Updated Romanian translation – thanks to Ionut Staicu
  • Language: Updated Italian translation – thanks to Davide Pantè
  • Language: Update Turkish translation – thanks to Emre Erkan
  • Language: Updated Russian translation – Thanks to Алекс Яровиков
  • Language: Updated French translation – Thanks to Julie Arrigoni


  • Changed z-index for ACF popup elements to 900000 (higher than WP customizer and media modal)
  • Removed ‘partial match’ highlight from the relationship field
  • Added new acf.tinymce JS object with initialize functions (simplified acf.fields.wysiwyg as a result)
  • Added more escaping functions throughout the plugin
  • Added new .acf-actions element for generic ‘hover icons’ (used by image, file, oembed, etc)
  • Removed ‘acf-field’ post type from WPML translation settings
  • Improved updates notification to show HTML error messages