21 Feb

ACF PRO 5.5.8 Update

This version improves JS compatibility (WooCommerce now includes Select2 v4) and usability (new JS actions) whilst fixing a few bugs too!


This version contained a bug which was fixed in version 5.5.9:

  • Core: Fixed bug causing ACF4 PHP field groups to be ignored if missing ‘key’ setting


  • Flexible Content: Added logic to better ‘clean up’ data when re-ordering layouts
  • oEmbed field: Fixed bug causing incorrect width and height settings in embed HTML
  • Core: Fixed bug causing incorrect Select2 CSS version loading for WooCommerce 2.7
  • Core: Fixed bug preventing ‘min-height’ style being applied to floating width fields
  • Core: Added new JS ‘init’ actions for wysiwyg, date, datetime, time and select2 fields
  • Core: Minor fixes and improvements


  • acf_update_value() will now delete meta if $value === null
  • Improved local field (PHP / JSON) logic for better performance