25 Jul

ACF PRO 5.6.0 Update

This exciting version adds new field types, new locations, new functionality and fixes a few bugs too!

ACF PRO 5.6.0 is one seriously awesome update! To learn more about the features included, check out our ACF PRO 5.6.0 – UI, UX & You post for all the details! Here’s a quick look at the goodies in 5.6.0! 🎁🎉😮

Known Issues

There are a few known issues found in ACF PRO 5.6.0. We are currently working to solve these and will release 5.6.1 shortly. in the mean time, please be sure to read our Known Issues guide for more information and instructions.


  • Link field: Added new field type
  • Group field: Added new field type
  • API: Improved have_rows() function to work with clone and group field values
  • Core: Added new location for Menus
  • Core: Added new location for Menu Items
  • Core: Added types to Attachment location rule
  • Core: Added “Confirm Remove” tooltips
  • Core: Updated Select2 JS library to v4
  • Core: Minor fixes and improvements


  • Repeater field: Avoid ‘collapsed’ row if no collapsed setting
  • Gallery field: Fixed JS scroll lag on popup modal
  • Revisions: Fixed PHP error when restoring an array value
  • Added new acf_location class
  • Added $values param to ‘acf/save_post’ action
  • Added new acf_disable_cache() and acf_enable_cache() functions
  • Restructured plugin files