22 Nov

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Description The Accordion field is used to organize fields into collapsible panels. Each Accordion displays a clickable title generated by the field’s label and instructions, and a collapsible content panel where neighboring fields will be moved within. When editing a field group, be aware that all fields following an Accordion field (or until another Accordion […]

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29 Jun


Description The Group field provides a way to structure fields into groups. It assists in better organizing the edit screen UI as well as the data. The Group field uses both the parent and child field names when saving and loading values. F... Continue Reading

22 Jul


Overview The Clone field allows you to select and display existing fields. It does not duplicate any fields in the database. Instead, it loads and displays the selected fields at run time. You may also select one (or more) field groups, mak... Continue Reading

22 Jan


Description The Tab field is used to group together fields into tabbed sections. When editing a field group, be aware that all fields following the Tab field (or until another Tab field is defined) will be grouped together using the Tab fie... Continue Reading

17 Feb


Description The Repeater field provides a neat solution for repeating content – think slides, team members, CTA tiles and alike. This field type acts as a parent to a set of sub fields which can be repeated again and again. What makes... Continue Reading

17 Feb

Flexible Content

Description The Flexible Content field provides a simple, structured, block-based editor. Using layouts and sub fields to design the available blocks, this field type acts as a blank canvas to which you can define, create and manage content... Continue Reading