The Tab field is used to group together fields into tabbed sections. This helps tidy up the UI by reducing the need to scroll through fields. When creating a “tab field” it is important to note all fields following the “tab field” (or until another “tab field” is defined) will be grouped together using the “tab field” label as the tab heading.

Conditional logic settings can be applied to a tab field. The tab field will also hide/show the fields which it visually controls.

Tab fields can be used within a repeater or flexible content field as of v5.0.0



Name Description
Placement Change the tab style from a top aligned row to a left aligned sidebar. The left aligned option will be ignored if the field group appears in a table element (editing a user, attachment, taxonomy or field group label setting on left). Added in version 5.1.7
Endpoint Specifies the endpoint for any previous tab groups and begins a new group of tabs. When used in combination with an empty field label, this field can be used as a tab stopper. Added in v5.2.8

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