The Accordion field is used to organize fields into collapsible panels. This helps tidy up the UI by reducing the need to scroll through long forms.

There are two elements in each Accordion. Firstly, a clickable title consisting of the field’s label and instructions. Secondly, a collapsible content panel where neighboring fields will be moved to.

When editing a field group, please be aware that all fields following an Accordion field (or until another Accordion field is defined) will be added to the Accordion’s content panel. The exception to this rule is when using the Endpoint setting.

Conditional logic settings can be applied to an Accordion field. The Accordion field will also hide/show the field’s which it visually controls.


  • Added in version 5.6.6



Name Description
Open Whether or not to show the Accordion content panel as open on initial page load. Defaults to false.
Mult-expand By default, when opening an Accordion all sibling Accordions will be closed. Enable this setting if you would like to prevent this behavior. Defaults to false.
Endpoint Enable this setting to define an endpoint for the previous Accordion field. All fields that follow will not be appended to the Accordion’s content panel and this Accordion will not be visible.

Template Usage

This field does not save any data and is not used with template code.

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