The Range field provides an interactive experience for selecting a numerical value.



  • Added in version 5.6.2


Name Description
Default Value The default value loaded when editing a new post (when no value exists)
Minimum Value The minimum (numeric) value allowed, which must not be greater than its maximum value. Defaults to 0
Maximum Value The maximum (numeric) value allowed, which must not be less than its minimum value. Defaults to 100
Step Size The increment at which a numeric value can be set. Defaults to 1
Prepend HTML displayed before (to the left) of the range input
Append HTML displayed after (to the right) of the range input

Template usage

The Range field will return a numeric value. Below are some examples of how you can use this data. Please note that all following examples use a Range field called “font_size”, and if you are working with a sub field, remember to replace any get_field() and the_field() functions with the relative get_sub_field() and the_sub_field() functions.


This example shows how to use the selected value as a ‘font-size’ style for all <h2> elements.



// vars
$font_size = get_field('font_size');

<style type="text/css">
<?php if( $font_size ): ?>
	h2 {
		font-size: <?php echo $font_size; ?>px;
<?php endif; ?>