Last updated Jan 29, 2024


Retrieves all the fields from a specific field group, returning them as an array of field objects. This function should not be confused with get_fields(), which returns an array of field values for a specific post rather than a field group.


acf_get_fields( $parent );
  • $parent (mixed) (Required) The field group’s ID or key.


Basic usage

This example demonstrates how to return an array of fields for a given parent. Note that you will have to replace the field group key shown below with your own.


Advanced usage

The following example demonstrates how to retrieve the values in the foreach for every field contained in the field group and then output them for viewing.

$specifications_group_id = 'group_6525b4469c71d'; // Replace with your group ID
$specifications_fields      = array();

$fields = acf_get_fields( $specifications_group_id );

foreach ( $fields as $field ) {
    $field_value = get_field( $field['name'] );

    if ( ! empty( $field_value ) ) {
        $specifications_fields[ $field['name'] ] = $field_value;