Adds a new row of data to an existing Repeater or Flexible Content field value.


add_row($selector, $value, [$post_id])
  • $selector (string) (Required) The field name or field key.
  • $value (array) (Required) The new row data.
  • $post_id (mixed) (Optional) The post ID where the value is saved. Defaults to the current post.


(int|false) The new total row count on successful update, false on failure.

Change Log

  • Added in version 5.3.2


Add a new row using field names

This example shows how to add a new row of data to an existing repeater field called ‘images’. This repeater field contains 3 sub fields (‘image’, ‘alt’, ‘link’).

$row = array(
    'image' => 123,
    'alt'   => 'Another great sunset',
    'link'  => ''

add_row('images', $row);

Add a new row using field keys

This example demonstrates how to add a new row of data to an existing repeater field using keys instead of names. The repeater field is the same above. Similar to the update_field() function, using a field’s key rather than its name allows ACF to correctly find the field if no existing value has been saved.

$row = array(
    'field_560389746a525'   => 123,
    'field_560389746a524'   => 'Another great sunset',
    'field_560389746a528'   => ''
add_row('field_560389746a51f', $row);

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