Returns an array of custom field objects for a specific page / post.

This is a very simple function which finds ALL custom field values (that don’t start with an “_”) in the wp_postmeta table and returns them in an associated array where the $field_name => field object

You should only use this function when you do not know the fields which which will be appearing on a template or if you have a large amount of fields which you would prefer not to code independently.


$fields = get_field_objects($post_id, [$format_value], [$load_value]);
  • $post_id (mixed) (Optional) The post ID where the value is saved. Defaults to the current post.
  • $format_value (bool) (Optional) Whether to apply formatting to the field values. Defaults to true.
  • $load_value (bool) (Optional) Whether to load the field values. Defaults to true.



*  get all custom fields and dump for testing

$fields = get_field_objects();
var_dump( $fields ); 

*  get all custom fields, loop through them and create a label => value markup

$fields = get_field_objects();

if( $fields )
	foreach( $fields as $field_name => $field )
		echo '<div>';
			echo '<h3>' . $field['label'] . '</h3>';
			echo $field['value'];
		echo '</div>';



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