Returns an array of values (name => value) for a specific post.


get_fields([$post_id], [$format_value]);
  • $post_id (mixed) (Optional) The post ID where the values are saved. Defaults to the current post.
  • $format_value (bool) (Optional) Whether to apply formatting to the value. Defaults to true.


Output all fields

This example shows how to display all fields (name and value) in a list.


$fields = get_fields();

if( $fields ): ?>
		<?php foreach( $fields as $name => $value ): ?>
			<li><b><?php echo $name; ?></b> <?php echo $value; ?></li>
		<?php endforeach; ?>
<?php endif; ?>


This example shows how the get_fields() function can be used to debug the available values for the post = 123.


echo '<pre>';
	print_r( get_fields(123) );
echo '</pre>';



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