This function is outdated. Please use the acf/options_page/settings filter instead.

This function is used in combination with the Options Page Add-on to change the name of the main options page menu item. This function is to be used inside your functions.php file and must be run before the ‘init’ action.

Warning: During the updating process, this function will not be available to your functions.php file. To ensure your website does not break, you MUST wrap the function in an if function_exists statement. Please see below for code examples.



<?php acf_set_options_page_menu( $menu_name ); ?>
  • $menu_name: {string} (required) the name for the parent Options Page menu item.



*  Change the Options Page menu to 'Extra'

if( function_exists('acf_set_options_page_menu') )
    acf_set_options_page_menu( __('Extra') );