Installing ACF and ACF PRO

Last updated Jun 18, 2024


Ready to take your WordPress sites to the next level? The ACF WordPress plugin gives you complete control over your edit screens, custom field data, and much more. In this video, we’ll guide you through the process of installing ACF and unlocking a world of possibilities for your WordPress websites.

The free version of ACF is a game changer for any WordPress developer. Over 30 field types are just the start. Directly from the plugin’s UI, you can create bidirectional relationships, set up conditional logic, and create custom post types and taxonomies. Power up your WordPress sites with developer-friendly functions, and further customize the experience with filters and actions.

Upgrading to ACF PRO

ACF PRO extends WordPress even further, offering advanced field types like Repeater, Flexible Content, Clone, and Gallery fields, with step-by-step tutorials to help you get started right away. ACF PRO also includes the Options Page UI, simplifying the creation of new admin pages that save data globally to display anywhere on the site, and ACF Blocks, giving you the power to create WordPress compatible blocks in a PHP framework.

Installing ACF and ACF PRO

Install ACF through your WordPress dashboard by clicking on Plugins, then Add New Plugin. Search for ACF, and click Install Now. After installation, click ACF in the admin menu and start building custom field groups.

The process to upgrade to ACF PRO takes just a few minutes, but many developers use it on every single build and find it less time consuming to install ACF PRO with Composer.

Install ACF Today

Ready to take the first step in unlocking the full potential of your WordPress site? Download ACF today and start building better, richer WordPress websites.

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