Wysiwyg Editor


The Wysiwyg field creates a full wordpress tinyMCE content Editor. This field is useful to create extra content areas within your theme.

Creating a wysiwyg field

The Wysiwyg field contains options to customize your field:

  • Toolbar: This option changes the buttons shwon in the wysiwyg field: Selection “Full” will show the default editor buttons. Selecting “Basic” will show a smaller selection of buttons (best for inside a repeater field to minimize space)
  • Show media Upload buttons?: This option will show or hide the upload media button(s)

Edit screen

The Wysiwyg does not feature the standard “Visual / HTML” tabs above the editor. Instead, the html can be viewed and edited by the “HTML” button on the second row of toolbar buttons.

Template usage

The API will return your content formatted for HTML (the same way that the_content() does)

<?php the_field('wysiwyg_test'); ?>