The Text field creates a basic text input, useful for storing single string values.



  • Formatting setting removed in version 5.0.0.


  • Default Value
    The default value shown when creating a new post.

  • Placeholder Text
    Appears within input when no value exists.

  • Prepend
    Adds a visual text element before the input.

  • Append
    Adds a visual text element after the input.

  • Character Limit
    Limits the number of characters allowed.

Template usage

Display value

This example demonstrates how to display a Text field named “heading” within a <h2> tag.

<h2><?php the_field('heading'); ?></h2>

Load value

This example demonstrates how to load the value of a Text field named “confirm” and perform an action based on its value.

$confirm = get_field('confirm');
if( $confirm === 'SEND_EMAIL' ) {
    // Do something.

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